Sunday, 26 July 2009

Happy Birthday Chris Kuroda

Over the years, Chris Kuroda (Phish's lighting engineer) has provided the on-stage scenery for countless Phish sows. His ability to time the lights to the music is uncanny, and the way he uses the lights to create a visual image of the music is a true artform. Happy Birthday Chris, keep doing what you do.

Click here to read an interview with Chris from '94.

*picture courtesy of Rolling Stone


  1. Chris Kuroda is one of the best engineer in the world, so I think that he made so great works as this one, I would like to meet him and talk a little be.

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  4. The way he creates the visual images with those lights is amazing, I had never seen something like that before, actually I'd like to attend to one of those spectacles because that's incredible.