Thursday, 30 July 2009

On the Road Again...

As Phish are back on the road again tonight for a run of shows up the West Coast, things are getting back into full gear in the Phish community. People are traveling remarkable distances, from all over, to see Phish at one of the most coveted venues in the United States. Dog Gone will be providing setlists after each show, as well as links to the "no-spoiler" and AUD downloads. Check back here after each show as we will try and have the links up as soon as possible. Post comments to discuss the shows with other phans.

To get back in the groove, watch this video from the last leg of the tour in Noblesville, IN. Amidst a storm of epic proportions, after an hour long rain delay, Phish took the stage for their second set feeling the energy within the pavilion. The entire crowd from the lawn, in an effort to avoid the rain, rushed the pavilion, altering the energy of the show instantly. With the crowd intimately packed in to the pavilion, and emotions running high, Phish launched into a fiery version of A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing exhibiting some heavy type II jamming. This jam is easily one of the best from the early summer tour, and a good indicator of what is to come. Download the show from Noblesville below, and watch video below of 2001, another highlight of the night. Check back tonight as the band rolls back into Red Rocks for first time in 12 years!

2009-06-19 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Noblesville, IN

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